How to Throw the Ultimate Hunger Games Party

Are you hungry yet? Well, what are you waiting for, people? Get to starving because you’re about to learn how to throw the ultimate Hunger Games party! And, of course, naturally, it starts with hunger. There’s no easier way to channel the raw chemistry of the District 12 trifecta of Katniss, Peeta and Gale, than to commit to a week-long fast before throwing the party to end all district parties. Effie Trinket and Cinna would certainly approve of the svelte bodies. Of course, make sure you do a lot of yard work, or maybe some coal mining, beforehand also. A tan never hurt anyone’s chances with getting sponsors. And you’ll need lots of sponsors if you’re going to survive this party!

Let the party begin!


1. The Invitation

Oh, come on! As if there’s any question. No one’s ever invited to a Hunger Games party. They most certainly are always reaped. You, dear friend, shall hold a reaping among your friends, and only the fiercest, most badass will be allowed to attend.


But be prepared for a lot of people trying to get their names in the bowl who you totally don’t want to invite.


There will also be a whole lot of your friends trying to volunteer as tribute to get into your shindig.


Just remind them that everyone will have their turn. No, really. You’re pretty much going to pull everyone’s name out of the bowl because they’re all invited. You need guests at this party, after all.

2. Wardrobe

There is nothing more important for your Hunger Games party than making sure all of your guests come dressed to impress. Even the lowly District 12’ers of your party should make a point to come in their snazziest attire. Katniss had a freaking dress that burst into fire, for crying out loud. Your guests can certainly do better.


You can come dressed as creepily chic as this gal.


Though you may have to suffer through Effie’s side-eye.


Come sporting a cleverly-crafted beard.


Or, if all else fails, wear whatever Lady Gaga wore to the latest awards show.


Whatever they choose, make sure your guests are looking fabulous as they enter your Capitol-esque ball.


3. The Decor

Love, that decor better be stellar. You are trying to satisfy the fine taste of the Capitolistas in your group, as well as the rugged hunting instincts of the hungry tributes in the bunch. Do not disappoint! That would just be bad manners.


No Hunger Games party would be complete without a cornucopia filled with food and weapons for your guests. Of course, you’ll hold your guests at bay at the door before allowing them to run in for the goods. Remind them that you make no promises that their lives will be left in tact.


You’ll want to have plenty of balloons bearing gifts from sponsors. How else will your guests make it to the end of your party?


You’ll also want plenty of white roses at the party. You don’t want the Katnisses at your party to get too comfortable. Got to make sure she knows that President Snow is always watching.



Oh, you’ll also want a legit tube to send people into when it’s time for them to fight to the death.


4. Food & Drink

It’ll then be time for everyone’s favorite part of a Hunger Games party — the food!


Everyone will be starving because of the mandatory starvation diet you put them on prior to your party, so the food will be of utmost importance. Make sure to start the buffet with something that still reminds them you’re in charge.


Granted, some people will be so hungry they may not give a damn.


Then, let them have cake! This cake:


Or, this one:


You’ll also want to have plenty of Peeta Mellark bread for your tributes.

Mellark Bakery

Katniss and bread — that’s all you need.


Your guests can then leave those berries for the Catos of the party.


5. The Drinking Game

Once everyone’s had their share of cake and bread, it’s time for the real party to start.


Yes, this gif exists. So does this one. I have no idea why.


But thank goodness they do. Because this is how your guests will be getting down once they’re done with the Drinking Game at this party.

Take a shot every time someone says “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


Take a shot every time someone sings Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” in reference to Katniss and Peeta.


Take a shot every time someone twirls like Katniss in her dress on fire.


6. Tree Climbing

With everyone thoroughly liquored up, they’ll be ready to take on the first challenge of the night, a climbing competition. Normally, this would be done up trees, a la District 11, but since this will most likely take place in your apartment, you’ll have to modify.


Couches, curtains, stripper poles, furniture — it’s all fair game.


So, give ’em a good show. The first one to touch the ceiling wins! Oh, but beware of tracker jackers, friends.


7. Sponsors

No Hunger Games party would be complete without sponsors. Your guests should be expecting this — hand-to-hand combat.


Yes, your guests will go head-to-head, using nothing but their hands to prove why they deserve to be sponsored by you, and the few guests worthy of Capitol status. They’ll have to look badass and gorgeous:


And also be re ready to cut a bitch at the drop of a hat.


No one said this party would be easy. We just said it would be fun. Guests who gather the most sponsors have more opportunities to eat and drink. Just sayin’, they better get their game faces on.

8. Archery

Only a Hunger Games party could consist of archery. Katniss’s favorite pasttime, and the skill that saved her ass more than once — yes, archery. Gather your guests up for a fun game of nailing each other around your place with arrows!


Well, you better get cool quick, otherwise, ya dead, buddy! Oh, did this party just get very real? Tough shit. We all came here to survive!


9. Pick-Up Lines

Once all is said and done, your guests will seriously value their lives enough to want to start procreating with anyone in sight. That’s when you give them these handy Hunger Games Pick-Up Lines to help them hook up at the best Hunger Games party they’ve ever been to in their lives.


If they say they’ve been to a better party…




10. Breadship Never Ends

So go forth, and throw the best Hunger Games party you’ve ever thrown because the friendship at this party never ends.


Can’t get enough of The Hunger Games? Take this quiz to find out which character you are!


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