The Hunger Games Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Citizens of Panem! Which Hunger Games character are you most like?  Find out how you’d make out in the games by answering the questions below!


1. Which alcoholic beverage do you prefer after a long day of reaping?

a.) None. All I can think about is sacrificing everything for my loved ones.

b.) I’m the type who prefers dessert over a beer any day… um, even reaping day.

c.) Hard liquor.  Straight up. Especially on reaping day.

d.) A cocktail.  Perhaps, a lovely cosmopolitan. It’s a day for celebration!

e.) What’s alcohol?

f.) Bloody Mary.  With lots of blood. And roses. Mmm… blood…

2. In a battle to the death, what would be your weapon of choice?

a.) Bow and arrows.  I’m a fighter.

b.) Leaves and mud.  I’d rather hide!

c.) My own cunning mind.

d.) Battle to the death?!  How did I end up here?!

e.) I don’t like weapons.  But I’m very fast, and very hard to catch.

f.) Terror.  Ice-cold terror.

3. If you had to choose a role, what would it be?

a.) Leader.

b.) Painter.

c.) Mentor.

d.) Fashionista!

e.) Agriculturist.

f.) Cold-blooded murderer.

4. In the arena, who would be your ally?

a.) I like my allies clever with a good heart.  Give me an underdog any day.

b.) Depends on what it takes to protect my one true love.

c.) Anyone willing to save my neck.

d.) I prefer to mingle with the well-mannered citizens of the Capitol… no offense, dears.

e.) Katniss!

f.) I’m no one’s ally.

5. What do you look for in a significant other?

a.) Commitment and a willingness to stand by my side until the very end.

b.) A brave, independent soul with a stubborn will to live, like a mockingjay.

c.) Someone who will pick me up when I fall… when I’m drunk.

d.) Oh my, such a private question!  Someone with good fashion sense, of course.

e.) Signifcant other? Ew…

f.) I like to kill significant others.

6. If you could receive only one sponsor gift in the games, what would it be?

a.) Arrows.

b.) Medicine.

c.) Memory loss, so I can forget the whole experience even happened.

d.) A fantastic wig to match the chosen arena.  Again, how did I end up in one?

e.) My life.

f.) Rich sponsors give me gifts… or else…

7. Which outfit would you wear when interviewing with Caesar Flickerman?

a.) Whatever they dress me in, but hopefully something that shows the fire I have inside.

b.) A simple, comfortable outfit that lets my personality shine.

c.) As long as I can work and drink in it, I don’t really care.

d.) The choices are bountiful! Anything gorgeous and in-style — perhaps, something by Cinna?

e.) An outfit that shows that I’m young and innocent… an unsuspected opponent.

f.) Please, I could have Flickerman killed and wear what he’s wearing.

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If you scored mostly A, you’re Katniss Everdeen.


You are a heroine by chance, accidentally motivating an entire rebellion due to your natural instinct to protect that most precious to you, like your sister Prim. You’re like the mockingjay; you exist, even though you never were meant to exist at all.

If you scored mostly B, you’re Peeta Mellark.


You are selfless when it comes to your one true love. Artistic and quick-witted, you make others fall in love with your sharp tongue and kind demeanor. But, underneath it all, you are a leader among the citizens of Panem.

If you scored mostly C, you’re Haymitch Abernathy.


Scarred from years of turmoil, you’ve learned to drown your sorrows in lots and lots of liquor… lots of it. Still, you come through when the going gets tough.

If you scored mostly D, you’re Effie Trinket.


You make light of heavy situations, in hopes of helping everyone feel better. You’re also stringent about manners and etiquette, and get especially hurt when anyone gets upset with you. Still, in the end, you know which side you’re on.

If you scored mostly E, you’re Rue.


You are sweet and innocent. You make decisions entirely from your heart and according to what reminds you most of home. You’re an excellent singer, and can tell trustworthy people, from not-so-trustworthy people.

If you scored mostly F, you’re President Criolanus Snow.


A greater evil than you has never existed. You crave proving your power by causing harm to others. You relish in the torture of children and believe that might is always right.


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  1. Harmony

    Katniss! I have gotten that on every quiz i have taken! I guess it might be my skill with a bow and arrow

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