Katniss Everdeen and Hermione Granger Switch Places, Parent-Trap Style!

It’s fantastic to see so many strong female protagonists taking “girl power” to the next level in young adult literature.   While vastly different in plot and world, both Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series are defined by their powerful heroines, Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen.  It makes the overly imaginative reader wonder if these two chicks would get along.   If Hermione and Katniss ever had the chance to hang out, gossip, and do each other’s hair, might they might find out that they are each well-suited to roam around the other’s world?

What if Hermione Granger were unleashed on Panem?  What if Katniss Everdeen enrolled at Hogwarts?


In order not to raise too much suspicion in the young adult section of Barnes and Noble, the girls will go undercover as they switch places.  The ruse is simple: Hermione dons an oversized leather hunting-jacket, braids her hair, and affixes a permanent scowl.  Katniss lets her hair down, affects a British accent, and puts on a Hogwarts uniform.   Voila!  They’re free to wander around, experiencing life on the other side of the bookshelf.

Here are some of the ways Katniss and Hermione would mix up the Potterverse and Panem during their Parent Trap-Style switcheroo!

One: Katniss ensnares Nagini with an animal trap.

Two: Hermione utters avada kedavra at President Snow!

Three: Katniss and Viktor Krum make a cute Yule Ball date.

Four: Hermione shows Gale how to mine coal more efficiently: “Accio coal!”

Five: Katniss instructs Harry how to use his wand as a blunt object.

Six: Hermione uses an undetectable extension charm on her hunting bag, filling it with flowers and herbs for potions, instead of dead animals.

Seven: Katniss helps Harry train for the Triwizard Tournament, to-the-death style.

Eight: Hermione uses the bluebell flames charm to become an actual “girl on fire.”

Nine: Katniss skins and wears Hedwig as a belt.

Ten: Hermione lezzes out with Glimmer.


What’s yo’ name? Glimmer? Oh, strange. 

Eleven: Katniss uses polyjuice potion to become Hagrid, so she can get close enough to Buckbeak to skin and wear him as a matching hat.


Oh hell nah, you’re gonna do what?

Twelve: Hermione trains Buttercup to be her familiar.

Thirteen: Katniss skins and wears Crookshanks as bootliners.


Over my dead body! Wait…

Fourteen: Hermione conjures a new tongue for Lavinia, the Avox girl.

Fifteen: After making a hearty stew out of Padfoot, Katniss gorges on Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans for desert.

At the end, Hermione and Katniss could regroup and dish about their adventures over butterbeer and a bowl of Greasy Sae’s soup.  Who knows, if they’re up for it, maybe together Katniss and Hermione could infiltrate Twilight and reform Bella Swan.


 Say what?


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