Doctor Who Lit 101

The Doctor’s moving from time and space to classic literature.

Dangerous Silurians (Dangerous Liaisons)

Dangerous Silurians dangerous liaisons doctor who

Restac, a distraught Silurian warrior, mourns her sister’s death by taking revenge on her so-called murderers. Aware that Amy Pond has a thing for the Doctor, Restac systematically destroys Amy’s relationship with husband Rory “Pond” Williams, by creating a series of love notes from the Doctor implanted in Amy’s memory throughout time. It’s up to the Doctor to reverse Restac’s vicious game of high-stake passions and betrayal, and preserve his friendship with Amy and Rory before it’s too late.

The Skaro Letter (The Scarlet Letter)

the scarlet letter skaro rose tyler

Brought before the town of London for judgment, a dejected Rose Tyler must face the music for her unscrupulous relations with a Dalek. Though it was just one touch of one Dalek’s hot metal, Rose is forced to wear the scarlet “S” of Skaro for her infidelity to the human race. But the Doctor, disguised as an old man, has taken it upon himself to free Rose of this burden. Will he accomplish this feat before one of his hearts fails and he has to regenerate?

Moby-Dalek Caan (Moby Dick)

moby dick dalek doctor who

A mysterious man, some call the Doctor, stows away on a star whale ship where he makes friends with one Donna Noble. What Donna doesn’t know is that The Doctor’s plan all along is to take over the star whale ship for his own purpose: hunt down Moby-Dalek Caan, The Doctor’s great yellow… Dalek. But Ood Sigma gives The Doctor and Donna a prophecy about their impending deaths that neither one can ignore.

Little Sontarans (Little Women)

little women doctor who sontarans

In a land manipulated by the Dream Lord’s psychic projections, the Doctor finds himself living in a home with a boy named Laurie (his grandson apparently). Confused, but strangely feeling at home, the Doctor soon meets Laurie’s little friends, the Sontarans. Delightful at first, the Little Sontarans soon show their militant side during a game of chess. The Doctor must figure out whether or not this is a dream before the dream moves on and his dream-grandson marries Little Sontaran Amy… wait, what have they done to Amy?!

Heart of Harkness (Heart of Darkness)

jack harkness doctor who the doctor heart of darkness

Captain Jack Harkness finds himself in war torn Vietnam. Things go from bad to worse when he realizes he’s the head of a regime of bloodthirsty aliens. When the Doctor arrives¬†things go from bad to worse.

Fahrenheit 4-5-6 (Fahrenheit 451)


An alien race arrives On Earth, incinerating all librarians in their path. Torchwood, led by Jack Harkness and his trusty companion Ianto Jones, intervenes and reveals the aliens were simply illiterate and hungry.

The Lion, The Witch, and the TARDIS (The Lion,The Witch, and the Wardrobe)


In a novelized sequel to The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, the Doctor must save Rory from a nasty fate of being sacrificed to Aslan in a Narnia gone wrong. Mr. Tumnus reveals himself to be a Tesalecta commandeered by the Slitheen.

Written by Kristen Bobst and Linda Yvette Chavez; Art by Emily McGregor and Erika Cervantes


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