What Kind of Giant Monster Are You?

Before we geeked out over Pokemon, our favorite Japanese-imported monsters were way bigger than pocket-sized, and emerged from the sea to screams to battle over our cities.  Each giant kaiju had its own special powers and personality, making it badass in a distinctive way.  Take the quiz below to find out which kaiju you’d be!
kaiju godzilla
Personality-wise, you’re…
a) A natural leader.
b) A little bit skitzo.
c) A gentle, yet firm nurturing type.
d) A truly loyal friend.

People see you as…
a) A good friend, and a much worse enemy.
b) Super intimidating, and an excellent multitasker.
c) An intuitive and wise force.
d) The perfect wingman.

If you were one of the X-Men, you’d be…
a) Wolverine.  You heal fast.
b) Pyro.  Lots of fire involved.
c) Phoenix.
d) Banshee.

If you were an animal, you’d be…
a) A cross between a gorilla and a whale.
b) A handful of dragons.  That’s real, right?
c) A lovely butterfly.
d) A pterodactyl.

You’re a little self-conscious because…
a) Your breath is like, nuclear waste.  Altoids, anyone?
b) Your complexion: one man’s golden is another man’s jaundice.
c) Though many men say it’s sexy, you’re on the fence about being a squirter.
d) Your boobs are weirdly pointy.

Many are surprised to learn that…
a) You totally rocked your swim team in high school.
b) You’re from a land very, very far away.
c) You’re a descendant of a long line of guardians of the Earth.
d) You’ve resuscitated a few folks from near death.

If this were an 80s movie, you’d be…
a) The bad boy turned good.
b) The dickhead captain of the football team who picks on the outcasts.
c) The cute sensitive alt chick who totally tames the bad boy.
d) The snarky sidekick to the male lead.

If you answered mostly “A” … You’re Godzilla!
The mosgodzilla_kaiju_071911t popular and famous of the kaiju, Godzilla was the monster who started it all.  While back in the fifties Godzilla began as a fearsome creature, he gradually became known and loved as a hero to adults and children alike, protecting Japan and battling other creatures.  His giant size is attributed to atomic radiation, also giving him his signature weapon of atomic breath (though he also had some mad martial arts skills).  In other words, you’re the O.G. of kaiju, a friend and leader — not the kind of person people want to piss off.

If you answered mostly “B” … You’re Ghidorah!

This goldKingGhidorah_071911en three-headed dragon busts onto earth in a comet-egg after having ravaged the society on Venus and begins to lay siege on the Earth.  While other kaiju might have two sides to their personality, you’re straight up evil, and you love it.  It requires a task force of kaiju (Mothra, Rodan and Godzilla) to banish your ass back to space, and you do not go quietly.

If you answered mostly “C” … You’re Mothra!

You’re thmothra_kaiju_071911e most ladylike of the kaiju, with cool ladylike skills like flying and spraying silk.  (There are worse things you can spray.)  Of all kaiju, she has the most wins over Godzilla: girl power!  Mothra is seen as a divine force of the Earth, with the power to beam energy as a weapon and communicate telepathically, which she often does through two cute (if not creepy) fairy priestess twins.  Being all Earth Mother n’ stuff, she is only destructive when needed to protect her home, Infant Island, or the Earth, from harm.

If you answered mostly “D” …You’re Rodan!

With a cherodan_kaiju_071911stful of spikes, the power of the sonic boom from your chest and the ability to fly, you’re a worthy opponent of the mighty Godzilla.  As with your frenemy, you switch from destructive force to good guy when Mothra talks some sense into you and gets you and Godzilla to fight Ghidorah.  You also have the crazy power of sacrificing your life force to bring someone else from the dead.  That’s some Lazarus shit!


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