Web Creeper of the Week: Third Time’s a Charm

I have heard about and experienced firsthand the nightmare that is internet dating.  It seems the internet is a breeding ground for perverts, douche bags, and mental pygmies.  I would be remiss if I did not share these experiences with all of you Comedivas.  Yes, these are real conversations.

Third Time’s a Charm

creeper_third-times-charm_medYou have got a nice breastPersistentPenis:  hi

MissAnthropic:  Sup.

PersistentPenis:  you have got a nice breast

MissAnthropic:  Just one nice breast?  The other one isn’t so great?  That’s good to know.

PersistentPenis:  what do u do in ur life sweetie

MissAnthropic:  I have already spoken to you and politely asked you to stop contacting me two or three times.

PersistentPenis:  so what baby

MissAnthropic:  So… if you didn’t get the first three hints, leave me alone.  Your advances are unwelcome.

PersistentPenis:  I want to see your breast I want put my dik in them

MissAnthropic:  Well, as soon as you can find it, let me know.  From your photo it appears you probably haven’t seen it in years with that preggo belly.

PersistentPenis:  I found it when can we meet I want to tak you ouft

PersistentPenis:  hello! baby!

PersistentPenis:  hello…

PersistentPenis:  bitch


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