Web Creeper of the Week: A Star is Born!

have heard about and experienced firsthand the nightmare that is internet dating.  It seems the internet is a breeding ground for perverts, douche bags, and mental pygmies.  I would be remiss if I did not share these experiences with all of you Comedivas.  Yes, these are real conversations.

A Star is Born!

TimidTool: Is it still too early in the day to hit on a woman?6689235_s
MissAnthropic: I don’t know. Is it too early for me to be drinking whiskey?

TimidTool: It might be.   what brings ya to an online dating site?

MissAnthropic: I like to meet emotionally crippled men with weird sexual fetishes.

TimidTool: nice, hahaha

MissAnthropic: So, what’s wrong with you? Let’s get that out of the way right off the bat.

TimidTool: hmmm well i can be quite down on myself

MissAnthropic: Okay, low self-esteem. What else?

TimidTool: i am a great guy overall

MissAnthropic:  That is what they all say.

TimidTool: oh really.  Well I really am.   Other than that I think io pretty go peson.

MissAnthropic:  um..was that English?

TimidTool:  yeah my grammer sucks, so sue me =P

MissAnthropic:  That was more than just grammar.

TimidTool:  I see, I am not saying my grammer is that bad. Do you prefer it if I type good grammer as well?

MissAnthropic:  Yeah and spelling would be helpful too. “Grammar”

TimidTool:  OkI am not saying I’m a dumbass

MissAnthropic:  ok…..

TimidTool:  I will be honest. I’m a nice guy who needs to be more confident and realize he has more going for him then he realizes.

MissAnthropic:  Like what?

TimidTool:  Well I have a really big dick.  I have never measured but have heard that I should be in movies.

MissAnthropic:  Well, there goes your nice guy image.  Ugh.

TimidTool: I am a nice guy and have a kot going for me.  I also have a big dick do you nwant to see a picture?

MissAnthropic: I will pass on that, thanks.  Good luck with your career in porn.

TimidTool:  Don’t go.

TimidTool:  Hello

TimidTool: Hello

TimidTool:  Hello?

TimidTool:  Did you go?

TimidTool:  Where shjould I send the picture?

TimidTool:  Come back hello


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