Voicemails to Self

What randomness would someone find in your voicemail box?  Maybe a few encouraging messages from your therapist?  Embarrassing drunk dials from your ex-lover?  Or just a lot of messages from your mom reminding you to take your meds?  Probably nothing as entertaining as the brainchild of some of the web’s favorite funnygirls.

courtney kocak and sofiya alexandra voicemails to self

Voicemails to Self is made up of the daily voicemails of two best friends and the people that populate their pathetic lives.  Created by funnygirls Sofiya Alexandra and Courtney KocakVoicemails to Self features a 27-person cast of L.A.’s best comedians, including Beth Stelling, the Walsh Brothers, Baron Vaughn, Ron Babcock, Amber Tozer, and Jim Hamilton.  Both a web series and a podcast series with more than 16,000 downloads on iTunes, you can check out the first four eps below.  Stay for our personal favorite, #4, “The Next Mario Lopez.”  You can also see all 20 eps on YouTube!

Produced, Written, Directed by and Starring:

Sofiya Alexandra and Courtney Kocak

Executive Producer and Editor: Dave Sirus

Web and Graphic Design by: Ashley Flowers

Theme Music by: Dave Rankin


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