Venus Realty Vlog #4

If you ever wondered why the housing market tanked, you might find an answer here.


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Acclaimed sketch comedy duo Sabrina Hill and Jennifer Tracy give a satirical look into the lives of myriad women in the City of Angels. Jennifer and Sabrina have co-written and co-produced a series of scenes that introduce you to the diverse, complex and often misunderstood women of Los Angeles. Under the helm of Director Ezra Weisz, their latest sold-out runaway hit show, L.A. Women Part 3: Paved Paradise, follows up the show, L.A. Women: From the Ashes to the Stage. Their first comedy show, L.A. Women, was also part of the Fall 2007 Los Angeles Comedy Festival. The L.A. Women also took part in the LACF in 2009. L.A. Weekly's review of L.A. Women: ", comedic and hilarious... and though the play is woman centric, the men in the audience appeared to be having a good time as well."

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