Valentine’s Booty


Story by Dawn M. Green and Aliza Pearl

Music and Lyrics by Aliza Pearl

Additional Lyrics by Dawn M. Green

Produced and Mixed by Stuart G. Murphy

DP Brandon Deese

Vocals by Dawn M. Green, Aliza Pearl, Kelsey Scott

Special Thanks to Kelsey Scott


The Bustettes: Dawn M. Green, Kelsey Scott, Tiffany Black

Carla: Aliza Pearl

Pizza Guy: Craig Frank


Verse 1:

Carla is single on Valentine’s Day

She’s curled up in her Snuggie with a bag of Lay’s

All of her single girlfriends are out on dates

While Carla’s watching TV and stuffing her face

Though she might lock herself inside and admit defeat

On this lonely day of love…

A girl’s gotta eat

Chorus 1:

No chance of Valentine’s Booty

She won’t get Valentine’s Booty

No man in sight Valentine’s Booty

No ass tonight Valentine’s Booty


Knock knock

Knock knock knock some more

Get up off that ass and unlock this door

And take off that Snuggie

I said take off that Snuggie!

Verse 2:

Pepperoni pizza, so fresh and so good

Carla is hungry, but not just for food

She wants it hot, delicious, a tasty treat

A dish that will satisfy from head to feet

Piping hot to hit the spot

On this lonely day of love…

He’s really kinda hot

Chorus 2:

Let yourself in Valentine’s Booty

She’ll check her pants Valentine’s Booty

Give him some wine Valentine’s Booty

This is your chance Valentine’s Booty


He says, Are you having a party?

She says, So to speak

He says, It sucks to be alone on Valentine’s

She says, It does indeed

Maybe I should call in sick, I have other things to deliver

She says , Pizza guy, my oh my, you’re making me quiver

Chorus 3:

Now she will get Valentine’s Booty

Not desperate yet Valentine’s Booty

Carla gets laid Valentine’s Booty

On Lovers’ Day Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Valentine’s Booty

Get that Booty!


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