The Social Justice League

With books and movies like The Hunger Games and Pixar’s upcoming Brave getting all sorts of hype and critical acclaim, audiences the world over are finally getting a taste for heroines who take up arms instead of lingerie, and lead revolutions instead of horny-teenage-boy fantasy sex parties.

As to be expected from a new rain-making genre, there’s no doubt these early explorations into female BAMFitude will pave the way for even more lady-driven productions. And, eventually, even more progressive productions driven by all sorts of other Others who were previously invisible.

For, you know, shock value.

So what other heroines and heroes can we expect, and should hope, to see in coming years?

Winspo — Melissa McCarthy

Celebrated for her ability to wield her non-bony Fists of Justice, and feared for the consequently heightened impact of her Self-Esteem Pummel and Epic Clusterstorm of DGAFfing, The Winspo fights injustices like world hunger, misogyny, and thinspo* boards.

[Editor’s Note: The term “thinspo” refers to trends/boards on social media sites wherein users post photos of very thin models, actresses, and the like as “thinness-inspiration,” thereby appropriating eating disorders and/or negative body image.  “Winspo,” then, are images/ideas posted so as to inspire people to have positive body image and kick ass.]

Token — Alicia Keys

Ironically named, as this explicitly non-White protagonist hits the hard streets of Wall, Main, and Hollywood solo, fighting villains like Stereotopos, The Exoticisor, and neo-nazis.

The Wonder Gays — Chris Colfer & Michelle Rodriguez

When Flamer dons his brightly bedazzled cape and tights, and his partner in crime-fighting, Stone-Butch, her super-flannel and Hiking Boots of Equality, their domestic partners always worry if this next battle with the Westboro Allegiance and Satanorumites will be their downfall. But armed with a Flaming Pride Sword and a Yonic Sonic Noose, and, of course, a just cause, the Wonder Gays have nothing to fear.

The Giver — Vickie Toro

Racially ambiguous, and brought up orphaned after the Great Welfare was defeated by the masked evil-doer, CEO, The Giver still finds it in her heart to see the good in everyone, and always makes the effort to preach understanding. Because though she never participates in physical altercations, and though many wouldn’t consider her super power, Compassion, a legitimate power, her special ability to help her [temporary] adversaries see the errors of their ways cannot be underestimated.

In chasing down a notorious Compton gang-member, for example, the only physical contact came in the form of one of her Blanket Social Justice Hugs of Comfort. And, of course, her catchphrase: “IT’S OKAY. IT’S NOT YOU. IT’S THE SYSTEM.”

Ze — Unknown

Gifted with the blessings of the beloved Two-Spirits of hirs Native American culture, the masked vigilante known only as Ze battles foes determined to re-vitalize the gender binary and crush the promise of progress and full equality.  [And let’s please get some non-gender-conforming peeps on the big screen, yes?] 


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