TV’s Strangest Commercials

In the season finale of My Gimpy Life, Teal Sherer braves a sushi hentai explosion of tentacle misery for a national commercial for fictional company Hope Soap. Sure, it might look like something you’d only see in a comedy web series, but you’d be surprised what kind of commercials you’ll find if you dig a little.

Here are some of television’s strangest commercials — actors: beware.

Because only Darth Vader can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

He seems harmless… the crazy ones always do.

Holy cr*p! How can we live in this commercial?

Strange… yet, incredibly adorable.

We may never eat a sandwich again.

You think this is a fake commercial, but… nope.

Not so sure we want Sprite all up in our business.

Who doesn’t love waking up to a strange man with a crown on in their bed?!

Centaurs need love too.

We have no words…

Because nothing says “buy solar panels” like batteries falling from the sky and destroying the earth!

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