True Blood Search History

When you check out this True Blood Search History, you’ll want to do very bad things to someone. Things can get pretty confusing down in Bon Temps. There are a lot of interesting supernatural questions that arise. Just ask Sookie Stackhouse, she’s pretty confused just about every other scene. No one can really blame her, she obviously needs the time to Google some answers, and how is she supposed to do that when every vampire in town’s always up in her grill? Really, trying to figure out if you smell funny is a personal search that should not be interrupted by snooping fangers.

All of your favorite True Blood characters have made their way to their computers at one time or another. Yup, even Eric and Pam. Don’t even get us started on what Tara looked up post-vampire transition, and Lafayette keeps it real as always! So, why resist your urge to do something very, very bad? Go on, get snoopy and dig through all of your favorite characters search histories. They won’t mind. Unless they do, and the worst that could happen is that they’ll, ya know, kill ya, or turn you into a vampire. There’s also a chance they’ll put a hex on you. If you’re truly lucky, maybe Sookie will hit you with her blasty light from her hands.

True Blood Search History











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