Top Vacations for All Levels of Nerd

Oft misunderstood and stereotyped what with their light saber collections, Barry Manilow shrines and Princess Leia blow-up dolls, nerds need a break from the challenges of the real world just like everyone else.   But where does a nerd go to vacay?   If you or someone you know can relate, try the following destinations; you’ll find one for every spectrum of the nerd rainbow from the anti-nerd to the on-the-cusp nerd and the full blown oh-my-God-you -have-a-Harry-Potter tattoo nerd.

The Anti-Nerd Vacation

Despite making fun of real nerds of which they claim to have no association, the anti-nerd is familiar with forms of nerdom that are widely acceptable to the mainstream — Star Wars, Star Trek, Spiderman, Batman, you get the point.   They’re clearly not the first in line to catch the latest installment of a particular movie franchise.   After all, those types of movies are exactly the same to them.  No, they’d rather spend their time doing”shit that matters” like staying out of comic book stores.   In fact, the anti-nerd revels in things that nerds would never willingly do.  Hence their perfect getaway, Tough Mudder, a fiercely athletic, 10 to 12 mile, camaraderie-inducing adventure challenge that’ll rival any boot camp.   Tough Mudder isn’t for those who’d rather read about or watch such adventures unfold than to experience them.  It’s like Fight Club without the multiple personality disorder.

The On-the-Cusp Nerd

The on-the-cusp nerd is fan to all things Glee and Modern Family.  They would love to randomly break into song, for their inner-gay male knows the lyrics to every musical to hit Broadway since… ever.  They wish their lives were more like a sitcom than your average person does, and they actually miss high school (if they’re not still in high school). Speaking of school, their ideal vacation involves two words: summer camp.   Finally able to channel their inner cheerleader or release the pop star within, the on-the-cusp nerd would go coo-coo for performing arts camp Winnarainbow.   Nevermind the fact that it’s for kids, you can silence every bully that ever taunted you by being the super cool adult all the little shrimps aspire to be when they grow up.  Who’s winning now, bitches?

The Full-Blown Nerd

The full-blown nerd can’t see how other people can live their lives unlike the way they do. Everything they own says “Apple”; they’re on top of every conspiracy theory that ever existed, and probably played their hands in spreading a few.  They’ve got their favorite superhero or sci-fi manga tattooed on more than one place on their body and dress up like said characters in the hopes of getting laid.  And while they’re at it, they can take a trip to the annual Exxxotica convention as well.   Where else can you be lauded for wearing your homemade World of Warcraft costume or use genius pick-up lines like these?


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