Top Bangable Aliens

FINALTopBangableAliensWhich alien would you do? 


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Kristen Bobst is a grade-A comedy writer, an unstoppable sock puppeteer, and the world's foremost whimsy aficionado. She certainly believes the meaning of life really is 42; and right now Kristen is really into The Carrie Diaries. Comediva. Where the funny girls are.

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  1. Kristen Bobst

    Zaphod’s totally right about being the best bang. Eccentrica Gollumbits knows her stuff.

    Mark: Perhaps my Worf-Spock-fantasy obsession biased me against Seven of Nine! An oversight on my part for sure! He is might fine.

  2. Mark

    Are you serious, it has to be seven of nine off of Star Trek, Voyager Mmmm, Seven of nine…hhhhawwwww!

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