Top 7 Bromances of Primetime

The bromance has wound its way into popular culture and into the very soul of the human race.  Everywhere we turn, men are feeling freer and freer to express their unabashed love and admiration for each other.  Nowhere is this more evident than in primetime television.  Here are seven of the most notable examples of grown men adoring each other!

Adam Levine & Blake Shelton on The Voice

Not only is The Voice the highest-rated show on television, it also brought together an unlikely pair of bros whose mutual admiration society has enthralled America.  Blake’s a little bit country, and Adam’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, but together, they make sweet, sweet music and join forces against that villainous diva, Xtina!

Rick Grimes & Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead

Good cop, bad cop — literally!  After working together as lawmen to keep the streets of Small Town, USA, safe, who better to face the Zombie Apocalypse with than your good ol’ buddy?  Oh, he’s kinda lost it?  And he may have impregnated your wife while you were comatose?  Well, like all good bros, let’s just forget all that complicated emotion stuff, get into some mindless violence and blow away some Walkers!

Kenneth Parcell & Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock

Only in the whimsical world of Tina Fey could a volatile, prima donna movie star from the Bronx and an eternally youthful son of a pig farmer from Stone Mountain, Georgia, be soulmates.  Kenneth is utterly devoted to Tracy, even acting as his asexual wife when he was separated.  And Tracy, normally utterly self-involved and casually cruel to everyone around him, seems to actually care about the absurdly cheerful NBC page.  They do have some things in common: both men were raised by their mothers, carry concealed weapons, and are of indeterminate ages — Tracy has no birth certificate and Kenneth is apparently immortal.

Troy Barnes & Abed Nadir on Community

Is there a truer, sweeter love on television than that which exists between Troy and Abed on Community?  What are the odds that two individuals who share a love of the movie Kick Puncher (about a cybernetic police officer whose punches are as strong as kicks!) and alternate realities would find each other in a community college study group?  Recognizing a good thing, the two bros quickly moved in together and shamelessly flaunt their bromance to the whole group, continuously breaking the tiny, black heart of Pierce Hawthorne.

Jim Halpert & Dwight K. Schrute on The Office

“My only love sprung from my only hate!”  When Shakespeare wrote that timeless line, he could just as easily have been talking about Jim and Dwight, as opposed to a pair of melodramatic Italian teenagers.  Obviously, the last eight seasons have been an incredibly protracted foreplay session.  Imagine the blue balls!

Ted Mosby & Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother

For all his rampant womanizing, Barney has always stated that what he desires most is the friendship of Theodore Evelyn Mosby.  After Ted’s long, pathetic string of failed relationships and Barney’s nuclear disaster of a love life, when are they going to realize that the answer has been right in front of them all along?  How about this as the final scene of the show:

Ted:  Well, kids, that’s how I met your mother!  After she agreed to be our surrogate, Barney and I were the happiest lovers on earth!

Barney:  Yeah, you got all maternal and passionate!  That night was Legen — wait for it! —

Kids:  Oh, dads!

Steve McGarrett & Danny Williams on Hawaii Five-0

Tragedy in paradise brought together these two macho bros.  After his father was murdered, Navy SEAL McGarrett sought solace in the barbed quips and manly mocking he shared with recent divorcée (and Jersey transplant) Detective Danny Williams.  Obviously, ultra-tough guy Steve just needs some affection.  Hug him, Danno!


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