Top 10 Things That Are Just Too Straight

In recent news, Neil Patrick Harris and a Liberace movie have been accused of being “too gay.”


As someone who spent the bulk of her high school career marathoning The L Word in the darkest corner of her closet [literally], I have to say, that’s a bit of an overstatement, yes?

But I get where the critics are coming from; when things are too straight, I just can’t take it. It’s like no, Katherine Heigl, can you quit it with the being attracted to men? Ugh. Get a room.

So now that the dialog’s started, I thought I’d offer my two cents. 10 cents, even. Here are the Top 10 Things That Are Just Too Straight:

10. Michael Bay movies.

9. Hot dogs. With mustard.

8. Old Spice.

7. Bundt cakes.

6. Eminem.

5. Sons of Anarchy.

4. Brooks Brothers. Except their sweater-vests.

3. Midori sours.

2. The Bachelor.

1. Beef jerky.

[Also, every other movie ever made.]


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