Tiny Ninjas: A Big Miscalculation

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About the author

Luis Navarro is a token man slave and Director of Operations for Comediva.  He is a proud Valley Boy ("Fer sure") and martial artist.  He earned a Master's Degree in Counseling and is an ordained online minister!  He also boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and post-1970s movie trivia.  He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit a fondness for unicorns.

Emily McGregor is the V.P. of Production at Comediva.  Emily was that token girl in a vast sea of pimply-faced techno-geeks in her high school AV club.  Now, she develops content for the interwebs and directs webisodes and stuff (psst, she directed The Divas and Guy Time).  She also made that thing you just read; that thing right above this thing you're reading now.  She hopes you liked it.  If not, don't leave a comment.  If you did, send her flowers and whiskey.

Comediva. Where the funny girls are.

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