Tim Minchin… Confessions

Tim Minchin has a confession: He loves boobs.

Feminism yadda yadda whatever, fa;sdlifjowien a;sdfjhpoiweaf  [Frida!  Don’t make me take you out again!]

As I was saying, boobs are a big part of any lady’s life [especially if you know Dr. Kovak].  Honestly, who can resist a little motorboating?   They look great in v-necks, they help you get jobs … hell, they’re even fun to play with during alone time if you’ve got a pair like mine!

Moral of the story: I wholeheartedly agree, Mr. Minchin, that at the bottom of every conflict, boobs make everything better.  My only critique: your world hasn’t been rocked ’til it’s been shimmied by my own special ladies.


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