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The Originals are a thousand years old, and they’ve got a whole lot of skills in their arsenal — immortality, fangs, superhuman strength, seductive sexy sexiness — you know, everything necessary for conquering good ol’ New Orleans. But, you know what thousand-year old vampires don’t have? Google-like brain searching superpowers. You see, even vampires need Google. They need Google to find out where those witchy witching witches live, and how to figure out those crazy spells they like to use on Klaus. Oh Klaus, how many more enemies do you need to make before you start getting a few table manners. So, as soon as we heard that our favorite originals were googling, we got to digging and pulled out these The Originals Search History sneak peeks!

Now that Klaus is a daddy, of course he’d want to get the perfect baby books. Machiavelli is a bit out of the ordinary, but we get it. Kol in that new hot body has plenty of googling to do. Elijah, Rebekah, Marcel, Camille, and Hayley all have put that Google machine to good vampirey and withchy use. Check it out!










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