The Latest Trend: Gaga-ing!

From planking to owling and now Tebowing, the latest in fad-ing can be found any and everywhere on the innernets. To stay ahead of the trend, try the following lesser known poses.  They’ll not only cure your case of the boredom blues at work, they’ll give you an honest shot at viral fame.



You don’t have to be a fan of Lady Gaga to know she’s no stranger to posing.  Keeping in mind that her favorite stance seems to draw inspiration from furry felines, Gaga-ing involves randomly pausing to claw at the air like a retarded cat ready to pounce on invisible little monster prey. Staying true to the fashion diva’s namesake, you can also Gaga while wearing, say, a dress made of meat or plastic bubbles. You know, should you happen to have some lying around.


Thanks to Beyonce, it’s never been more a la mode to be preggers.  Every step Queen Bey takes, light bulbs flash.   In order to rock this pose, simply unleash your inner Sasha Fierce by wearing the boldest, shortest, tightest outfit and highest (read: ridiculous) heels you can find — all while rocking a baby bump, of course.  Note: Preggering can be done with a prosthetic fetus but it’s so much cooler if the bump is actually, you know, real.  Everybody say “paparazzi” on 3 — 1, 2, 3 — paparazzi!


Cousin to planking, chimichanga-ing involves wrapping yourself in a sheet or a blanket and then planking your stiff ass off.  Why?  Because it’s that much more difficult.  Be sure to have at least one person handy to help you document the momentous occasion.  What if you’re eating a chimichanga while chimichanga-ing, you ask?  #Winning!

Herman Caining

Whether denying allegations of sexual harassment or constantly mentioning his 9-9-9 plan, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain can’t seem to keep himself out of the news.  Bad for him; good for us fad-ers.  But be warned: Herman Caining cannot be captured by mere photograph.  No.  This shit requires video.  On the count of “action,” simply deny knowledge of any factual claim or news pertaining to any part of the world.  Make sure to take long pauses.   Bonus points if you manage to confuse yourself and those around you in the process.


Who doesn’t love unicorns, what with their legendary lore and dreamy, spiraled horns?   In artist renderings, unicorns are typically posed in front of some mystical, Lisa Frank inspired back drop.  But since unicorns don’t really exist (bummer, I know) you might need to take a little trip to fantasy land with this one.   Just be sure to have glitter, a white wig and a Criss Angel magic kit handy.  The rest I leave up to you.


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