The Charlie Sheen Reboot?

After Charlie Harper’s “departure” from hit TV show Two and a Half Men, it looked like Charlie Sheen’s career was finished — that is, until he landed a role on the brand new series Anger Management, playing… you guessed it … Charlie.

So exactly how new is this role of “Charlie Goodson”? After watching the season premiere of Anger Management as well as an absurd amount of Two and a Half Men over the past 9 years, we observed the most apparent similarities between the shows and generated some shocking conclusions.

There’s no escaping an ex-wife.

This time around, Charlie’s the one stuck with an ex-wife. If his shows have taught us anything, it’s that 1 out of every 2 TV show marriages end in divorce.

Conclusion: The rekindling of their marriage took over seven seasons but after catching Charlie in a group therapy gang-bang, his wife files for divorce, again. Charlie Goodson is a lonely, rich guy… again.

Charlie has consistent taste in friends.

It’s like they simply kidnapped and threw disguises on his old Two and a Half Men pals. Now, Alan is black, Jake is a girl, and Berta… is a bartender!

Conclusion: As soon as Anger Management ratings start to fall, the actors reveal their true “Two and a Half Men” identities and prove that they were indeed in disguise the whole time. Ratings suddenly go through the roof!

Charlie sleeps with women… ALL the women.

It wouldn’t be a Charlie Sheen show if he didn’t sleep with every female written into the script. The season premiere already has him in bed with a lady friend and introduces many potential lady friends for future episodes.

Conclusion: Charlie Goodson invents a therapeutic treatment consisting of sex for medicinal and psychological purposes. He offers these services pro-bono.

Kids are weird and women are psycho.

If Jake being a slovenly, idiot boy wasn’t enough to handle, the teenager in Charlie Goodson’s life is a girl AND has OCD. One of his patients also resembles Charlie Harper’s psycho love interest, Rose, but is far more violent.

Conclusion: Charlie Goodson announces he is gay.

Charlie’s rich!

There’s always an endless flow of cash when Charlie’s around, and we all know that money really does bring the best out of the guy. A rich Charlie means a happy, fun-to-put-on-TV-and-watch Charlie!

Conclusion: After Charlie Goodson realizes he’ll never have control of his anger issues, he abandons his family and private practice, then uses his life savings to build a Disneyland themed strip club — the happiest place on Charlie’s Earth! 


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