Texts from a Dalek

Warning:  This might make you want to EXTERMINATE your iPhone.










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A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Kristen Bobst grew up a tomboy with two brothers, several unruly pets, and an overactive imagination. After surviving four years of Gossip Girl-style antics at a ritzy private high school, Kristen went on to the University of Florida (Go Gators!). Due to an uncanny Oscar Wilde obsession, she then traveled to Dublin to study Anglo-Irish Literature at Trinity College. While overseas, she spent much time staying in seedy hostels and carousing with the locals. To this day, Kristen cannot convert Fahrenheit to Celsius without the use of a scientific calculator. Kristen recently completed the University of Southern California’s MFA program in Screenwriting. She still has an overactive imagination and several unruly pets. Comediva writer and performer Vickie Toro graduated from USC with degrees in I Don’t Know How to Do Practical Things Like Math and Maybe I Should’ve Listened to My Mother (i.e. Cinema-Television Critical Studies and Narrative Studies). She spends her time thinking about deep things, getting distracted by not-deep things, and then gigglesnorting. Comediva. Where the funny girls are.

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