Ten Optical Illusions in Two Minutes

This may come as a surprise to you, but I love horror movies and TV shows. I remember when I was a kid, and I would stay up late, scaring myself senseless on reruns of Sabrina, The Teenage Watch. Yamama, of course, said I wasn’t allowed to watch shows like that, so whenever she’d come in to my bedroom to find me hiding under the covers, I’d have to pretend it was for some other reason, like I was looking for my kitty.

What a thrill!

So I was excited to see this video on YouTube. When the dragon first started moving its head like that cursed painting, The Mona Lisa, I felt a familiar shiver of excitement. And how about the shapeshifting checkerboard? But then the video took a turn for the educational, showing me the methods behind the devil tricks: the floating heads were (spoiler alert) hollow! And then we came back around to the dragon. By going full circle, this video let me feel the excitement of the demonic arts, while allowing me to sleep soundly tonight knowing that there was nothing behind the dragon but good ol’ human ingenuity.


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