Tell Me What To Do [With My Vagina] Music Video

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For a girl like me, it can be so hard
To know what to do with my private parts

So, Mr Congressman, please be a man
And tell me what to do – Boo-boo-bee-do

I don’t know what to do with my vagina
Li’l ol’ me needs a bill you can sign-a
You do your big man stuff
I’ll just sit at home
This is too complicated
for my X-chromosomes

So tell me what to do with my vagina
From California to North Carolina
Us American girls
In our long silky curls
Don’t get this hole inside us
So please please please
Tell me what to do with my vagina.

Written by: Matthew Robert Gehring
Directed by: Andrew Neisler
Director of Photography: Nathan Blair
Camera Assistant: Robert Gregson
Editor: Melyssa Vasquez
Costumes: Annie Tippe
Choreography: nicHi douglas
Production Assistant: Andrew R. Butler
Song arranged by: Matt Vinson
Vocal arrangement and keys by: Ian Axness
Recording and mixing by: Mike Brun

Starring: Briana James
nicHi douglas
Emma Tattenbaum-Fine
Stephanie Hsu
Cyndi Perczek
Todd Dakotah Briscoe
Andrew R. Butler
Matthew Robert Gehring
Preston Martin

Special Thanks to Ars Nova, Jes Levine, Burton Frey, Shoebox Story Productions




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