Superhero E-Bloopers and Super Social Media Fails

The Internet is a tricky place and most of us have made at least a few embarrassing mistakes online.  Still, it’s pretty hilarious when it happens to someone else … especially when that someone else is famous — or a superhero!

Here are the top superhero super social media fails.

Dr. Manhattan’s Sexting Mishap

Dr. Manhattan thought that texting a picture of his impressive azure dong to Silk Spectre would be a killer idea.  However, when he accidentally sent the image as a group text to his entire address book, the big blue guy turned red with embarrassment.

Batman’s Twitter Fail

Batman’s lewd tweet, “Dude.  Did you see those perky kitty-titties on Catwoman today?  ME-f*cking-OW!” was meant to be a DM to Alfred.  The tweet sparked a catty twitter war between the rival superheroes.

Aquaman’s Facebook Faux Pas

Aquaman wrote the incendiary status: “I hate fish.  Fish can blow me!  Fish can blow me and then make me a sandwich!  A TUNA sandwich!” at midnight on a Wednesday after having one too many at a local dive bar.  Aquaman deactivated his Facebook page the morning after.

Thor’s Hacked Tumblr Fiasco

Loki hacked Thor’s Tumblr account and filled the hero’s page with hundreds of photos of kittens-in-Thor-costumes, each captioned “THOR’S A PUSSY.”  The posts were reblogged over five thousand times.

Hellboy’s Google + Hangout Fumble

Hellboy accidentally invited his “Nazis” Circle to a Hangout wherein he discussed detailed plans with his “Bureau for Paranormal Research” Circle about stopping evil once and for all.

Captain America’s Meme Backlash

After Captain America started a meme in which his signature shield covers the breasts of nude porn starlets, web-savvy feminists lashed back with an “Impotent Captain America” meme.

Cyclops’ Email Debacle

In a whiny, meandering email to Jean Grey, Cyclops professed that he no longer wanted to be a part of the X-Men.  He also called Professor X out as a “wrinkled old shrimp dick.”  The email found its way onto Wolverine‘s WordPress blog.

Iron Man and Pepper Potts’ YouTube Catastrophe

Following in the tradition of Numa Numa Guy, Star Wars Kid, and countless other hapless buffoons, Iron Man and Pepper Potts posted an unflattering video of themselves — singing the Sonny and Cher duet “I’ve Got You Babe” — on YouTube.  It was a cheesy masterwork of awful that went viral in hours.

Elastigirl’s Browser History Misfortune

It’s no surprise that Elastigirl, with her rubbery bendy-stretchy power, is into some weird porn.  Mr. Incredible, however, was none too pleased when he caught a glimpse of her recent RedTube activity.  He responded to Elastigirl’s online debauchery by posting a screenshot of her Chrome history on Blogger.

Spiderman’s iPhone AutoCorrect Blooper

Spiderman assured Mary Jane that his text, “My engorged penis is tingling!” was autocorrected by his iPhone from the innocent, “My spider sense is tingling!”  Spiderman couldn’t explain, however, why he sent that same text to every last one of his female contacts.


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  1. Lance Trachtenberg

    LOVE this. Such a timely take on a hot button www news item! Clearly the membership within the superhero social media community suffers from the same lack of discretion in it’s updates, tweets and shares as our own, maybe even more so in this collection of cases. Funny stuff!

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