Steve’s Dignity Graphs: Balance Girlfriend and Manliness

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, bros.  Having a relationship is tough.  It takes a lot of work and constant maintenance.  But it’s totally worth it when you wake up in the morning to your lovely lady spooning you.

Probably the hardest thing to maintain is balance.  Balance between how much you love your girlfriend and your reputation as a man is very important.  You also have to make it your priority to ensure she doesn’t think you love her too much.  She’ll get bored and leave you if you’re too perfect, so you gotta f*ck up sometimes.  For realsies!  Because guys like math, I made some graphs demonstrating this key balance (click to enlarge):


You need to invent a good excuse for why you can’t make poker night to cover up the truth: you’re painting your girlfriend’s nails.


Spending too much time doing something nice for your girlfriend means you must humiliate her a little in front of her parents.


Don’t let ANYONE know this.  But it’s true.


If you buy her a really sweet present, you must play more video games to compensate.


The consequences will be harsh if anyone ever finds this stuff out!

I hope this helps, bros.  Just remember, if you’re not giving your girlfriend something to b*tch about to her friends, then you’re not doing your job!



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  1. Linda Y. Chavez
    Linda Y. Chavez

    It’s hard being a man. And, how do I convince my boyfriend to braid my hair? I used to love hair brushing time with my mom when I was little. I never knew you could do that with your boyfriend! I’m putting in a request!

  2. EC

    Love the charts, that really helps me visualize the inner turmoil guys go through when balancing dignity and love for girlfriend. Thanks for sharing your world with us, Steve!

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