Stars Almost Cast In Your Favorite Movies

Landing that legendary role in a fan favorite film can mean the difference between being a recognizable actress and a booming movie star.  However, there are some actors out there that have made it big, despite being passed over, or turning down these roles due to some conflict. (Aww, poor movie stars – too many offers to handle all at once. #MovieStarProbs) 

Hmm… but just for shits n’ giggles, let’s imagine a world where things went a little differently…

Al Pacino as Han Solo – Star Wars


Known best for his phenomenal role in The Godfather Trilogy, Al Pacino takes to the big screen once more, but this time as a part of Star Wars. Forget Harrison Ford (he has Indiana Jones to fall back on anyway), and don’t forget to buy your limited edition Han Solo T-Shirts that sport the newest Star Wars catch phrase, “Say hello to my little DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol!” (But you have to say it with the accent, ok?)


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Maria Hill – The Avengers


John McClane’s badass daughter from Die Hard 15 (or was it 26?) is back again to kick some butt and, well, look pretty – that seems to be the extent of this role. However, Maria Hill, the SHIELD agent from The Avengers, is certainly a great entrance into the comic book movie franchise for Winstead. Hopefully no one will find out that this doe-eyed brunette is actually the evil villain, Royal Pain, looking to exact revenge on her old Alma Mater of Sky High.


Jake Gyllenhaal as Frodo – The Lord of the Rings


Jake Gyllenhaal first found his way into the hearts of millions while starring in October Sky and then kind of freaked everyone else out as the title role in Donnie Darko. Now he’s onto playing Middle-Earth’s favorite Hobbit, Frodo! Unfortunately, without this pivotal role, Elijah Wood continues to be casted as the strange skinny kid whose stare into your soul.


Keira Knightley as Selina Kyle – The Dark Knight Rises


Turns out that Anne Hathaway was a little too American for the cast of Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman movie, so Keira Knightley has snagged this coveted part. It’ll be a bit of a challenge for Knightley to step out of her typical role as the female protagonist of every classic romance novel and into the stilettos of Catwoman, however we’re confident that taking this leap of faith will have her landing on her feet (…cuz she’s a cat now…haha…get it?).

Nicolas Cage as Black Widow – The Avengers and Iron Man 2


Now, don’t get me wrong, it was a real toss-up between Nic Cage and Scarlett Johannson. However, with his growing fan base and compelling performance in The Wicker Man, there was no denying that he was perfect to portray Black Widow. Get ready folks because Cage’s smoldering facial expressions are sure to get him some new admirers, and that tight black outfit will have quite a few men questioning their sexuality.




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