Star Trek Pick-Up Lines Vol. 2

Star Trek Pick-Up Lines are here to help you boldly go where you really want to go: your crush’s pants.  Lookin’ for love with a real Star Fleet officer, not just some hot computer program from the Holodeck?  Of course you are!  Try these Star Trek Pick-Up Lines on for size, and you’re guaranteed to find someone to be the Captain of your heart. (And speaking of which, are you Team Kirk or Team Picard??)

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Star Trek Pick-Up Lines

***Star Trek Pick-Up Lines

***Star Trek 2 PUL 3

***Star Trek 2 PUL 4

***Star Trek 2 PUL 5

***Star Trek 2 PUL 6

***Star Trek 2 PUL 7

***Star Trek 2 PUL 8

***Star Trek 2 PUL 9

***Star Trek 2 PUL 10

***Star Trek 2 PUL 11

***Star Trek 2 PUL 12

***Star Trek 2 PUL 13

***Star Trek 2 PUL 14

***Star Trek 2 PUL 15***

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