Squaresville: Mallscapade

Skittles has been going through a hipster phase recently, much to my chagrin, and spending a lot of time on tumblr. However, on the bright side, and you know how much I like bright sides, Skittles found this webseries called Squaresville while scouring for memes of cats wearing jaunty scarves. I was a little reserved (high school antics typically scare the bejeesus out of me) until I watched the gem of an episode called “Mallscapade,” which is all about three charming, well-groomed youths playing a board game about popularity, shopping, and going to the prom. Those are four of Skittles’ and my favorite things! Except for board games; I only allow Mousetrap and Yahtzee in the Ballbuster abode… But I do still dress up for the prom every May and force Skittles to pin a corsage onto my taffeta and sequin pink dress. Then we listen to The Bangles and we dance and I think about how I should have won that tiara…But I digress. What I really like about Squaresville is the highbrow humor. Finally, the Internet strives to make today’s youth smarter with more quality programming and less ads for Viagra. Plus, the music is fabulous and each episode contains a message. Skittles and I love messages!  Grab your cat, throw on matching jaunty scarves, and head on down to Squaresville!


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