I’m sure we have all fallen victim at least once in our lives to the infamous “pose for the video camera” trick. If you haven’t, that may be because, like the guy who made this video, you’re the one behind the camera hijinks. If you’re neither, well, welcome to the hilarious world of human vulnerability and awkwardness!

There’s just something about commanding someone to “smile” and in turn, receiving total compliance to freeze their world for a few seconds. That power quickly turns into funny when the subject realizes their world has in fact not been frozen but rather prolonged to make them look like a complete dufus…genius!

What I like most about this video, aside from its hilarious simplicity, is how the reoccurring girl (Jenny Slate) continues to fall for the prank and grows increasingly annoyed with the childish joke. It’s that power of “smile!” that is almost impossible to ignore! Sure, she eventually catches on more quickly, but why risk the chance of seeming like a total a**hole by refusing to “say cheese” to a friend’s camera? It’s all quite magical, really.

So now that you’re more on track with this timeless camera prank, next time a friend asks you to “smile for the camera”, don’t hesitate! In fact, if they do indeed have the video camera rolling instead, be sure to promote the funny and let your emotions run wild!


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