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Just a couple idiots discussion life, love, and Elizabeth Smart

Triggered by a conversation about our national treasure, Elizabeth Smart, two best friends nitpick each other’s life decisions, but ultimately realize that neither has it quite together. Alexandra and Melanie (played by Alexandra Decas and Melanie Kirschbaum, respectively, who also wrote SMART), are best friends and roommates who have been through a lot together, yet have failed to learn much from their experiences. Alexandra is the slightly more together of the two, which gives her a douchey air of judgmental superiority. She’s gluten-free, not due to a gluten intolerance, but because she thinks it makes her interesting. Spoiler alert: it does not. Melanie is particularly uninformed and therefore misuses Elizabeth Smart’s heroic life to justify her poor choices. Her claim to fame is continuing to exist after eating a yogurt that was left in the fridge for six years. Quote: “It was delicious.” SMART is directed by the very talented (and patient), Behn Fannin.

Submitted by: Melanie Kirschbaum


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