Simple, Ageless Techniques to Stop Dangerous and World-Destroying Ideas You Don’t Agree With


Throughout history, it has always been common knowledge that ideas different from one’s own are dangerous and must be stopped at any cost before they spread. Just look what happened with the Enlightenment-some goofball philosopher suggested that “man is born free” and suddenly, the serfs are storming the castle, wanting food, health insurance, and Netflix! For many centuries, one good and terrifying technique to prevent the propagation of “unwanted ideas” was to burn books with the perilous thoughts in a colorful, warming bonfire, followed by a cozy session of torturing the intellectuals. Desired results quickly followed as the common people smelled the floating particles of ash on the wind and fell in line.

Though we live in what is supposed to be a little more of an open society today, some ideas are simply still too much of a menace to the careful balance we have achieved. With such risky opinions in circulation, there’s no place for measured responses such as strongly-worded rebuttals or fair debate. Attending a conference, writing a paper, sitting on a panel, or even making a video-what a waste of time! Meeting the offender point-by-point is, well, pointless because such offense can best be met with the old trusted techniques of threats of extreme violence. The abominable ideas are probably part of some secret conspiracy against what is true, just, and right, anyway. Such perpetrators have been known to fake their own persecution to persuade people to their cause. A certain person (J-E-S-U-S) comes to mind. Do not be fooled.

There must be consequences for those who dare to disagree! It’s modern times now and it’s hard to find a good herd of elephants to storm local villages or even a mercenary army to do the dirty work. But that’s ok because using various concealed screen names, issuing all kinds of clever threats followed by a good round of misogynistic name-calling until people have to go into hiding works pretty well with a lot less hassle! In addition, patrolling the streets in armored cars with big guns, threatening little girls who try to go school or who don’t want to wear a pre-approved total body covering also has proved effective means of controlling not just the debate, but the terms of the debate.

In fact, if some ill-informed and conspiring-to-social-justice do-gooder dares even suggest that perhaps women could be portrayed in a wider variety of roles, it might be time to take a page out of the old handbook because just their ideas alone are so very dangerous. Ideas like those ruin lives. Just ask the European nobles today as they cobble a living together from castle tourists from America. The very notion that women could be portrayed in more than lingerie and in sexual poses infringes on personal rights.

Remember what’s at stake: the right to play games in which women in lingerie die painful, pointless deaths and also the fate of the country. Common people, say nothing. The ash is in the air.


Submitted by: Jodie Leidecker


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