Sassy Gay Friend: Romeo and Juliet

Hello there, sexy bitches! ¬†Katharine Rugburn here with a special Diva Pick for Love Week: in honor of post-Valentine’s Day recovery (can you say Vag-osporin? ūüėČ ), let’s make sure we take a look at the potential horrors Commitment can bring.

Sassy Gay Friend — starring a pretty smokin’ fella (is he really gay? …does that even really matter?) — stages an intervention for Shakespeare’s Juliet. ¬†You know, that 14-year-old who goes all cray for a guy she just met and ultimately dies because … of something?

Okay, confession: all I remember from that one lit class in high school were my one-on-one oral exams with Mr. Erikson.

But anyway. ¬†In this episode of SGF, Juliet’s about to off herself for her hubby, and, luckily for her, her sexy S”G”F isn’t having it. ¬†He lets her know about the terrors of fucking just one person for the rest of your life, let’s her know there’re tons of other hot and bothered fish out there, and saves her life.

An important message we should all keep in mind.


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