Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock Was Just the Beginning

The Big Bang Theory popularized Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, breathing geeky new life into the “classic selection method game” we’ve all used to solve disputes over the years. Well, hold on to your Vulcan ears! Comediva has taken it a few steps futher and expanded Rock-Paper-Scissors to include hand gestures from all best geeky universes!

Bonus! If you plan to attend Comic-Con, we will be holding improptu Rock-Paper-Scissors-Etc. tournaments all weekend! Start practicing!

1. Game of Thrones: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Dragon-Jon Snow

• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock exfoliates dragon.

• Dragon char-broils Jon Snow.

• Jon Snow gallantly wields scissors.

• Scissors distract dragon with shininess.

• Dragon incinerates paper.

• Paper reveals Jon Snow’s parentage.

• Jon Snow kicks rock.

• Rock crushes scissors.

2. Star Wars: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Rancor-Yoda


• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock smashes tiny skull of rancor.

• Rancor sh*ts on Yoda.

• Yoda Jedi-mind-tricks scissors. (“Cut me not, you will!”)

• Scissors stab Rancor in toe.

• Rancor gets his obese trainer to read paper.

• Paper reveals Yoda’s inept leadership of the Jedi.

• Yoda force-hurls rock.

• Rock crushes scissors.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Vampire-Buffy


• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock breaks window, lets in sunlight to vaporize vampire.

• Vampire falls in love with Buffy (natch!).

• Buffy breaks scissors with her bare hands.

• (Wooden) Scissors dust vampire.

• Vampire crumples up silly paper.

• Paper gives Buffy a really annoying papercut.

• Buffy chucks rock.

• Rock crushes scissors.

4. Doctor Who: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Dalek-The Doctor


• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock dents Dalek.

• Dalek rolls over The Doctor’s foot.

• The Doctor locks scissors up in The Pandorica.

• Scissors pierce Dalek’s plunger.

• Dalek EXTERMINATES paper.

• Paper reveals The Doctor’s real name.

• The Doctor travels forward in time until rock is eroded.

• Rock crushes scissors.

5. Battlestar Galactica: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Cylon-Starbuck


• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock scuffs Cylon armor.

• Cylon pretends to be Starbuck’s husband.

• Starbuck drunkenly misplaces scissors.

• Scissors get stuck in Cylon’s hand-cannon.

• Cylon ignores technologically-inferior paper.

• Paper gives Starbuck a written warning.

• Starbuck beans Colonel Tigh with rock.

• Rock crushes scissors.

6. H.P. Lovecraft: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Shoggoth-Cthulhu

GAME_cthulhu• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock gives Shoggoth multiple black eyes.

• Shoggoth attempts power play over Cthulhu.

• Cthulhu eats puny human scissors with gusto.

• Scissors chop off shoggoth’s tentacles.

• Shoggoth absorbs paper.

• Paper reviews At the Mountains of Madness as “lackluster and unwieldy.”

• Cthulhu destroys rock with mind.

• Rock crushes scissors.

7. Lord of the Rings: Rock-Paper-Scissors-The One Ring-Gollum


• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock and mud covers up The One Ring for thousands of years.

• The One Ring utterly charms Gollum.

• Gollum kills other wannabe ring-bearers with scissors.

• Scissors fall in love with The One Ring, too!

• The One Ring is folded up in paper.

• Paper frightens Gollum.

• Gollum crushes tiny birds with rock.

• Rock crushes scissors.

8. Comediva: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Unicorn-Comediva


• Scissors cut paper.

• Paper covers rock.

• Rock gets stuck in Unicorn’s hoof.

• Unicorn wins Comediva’s heart.

• Comediva outshines Scissors with razor-sharp wit.

• Scissors trim Unicorn’s mane.

• Unicorn pierces paper.

• Paper gift-wraps Comediva.

• Comediva makes soup with rock.

• Rock crushes scissors.


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