Revenge Search History

Revenge is a dangerous and complicated game.  So sometimes you need some help from the one source you can trust: Google.  That’s what your favorite characters on Revenge do when they’re in a bind.  Emily Thorne doesn’t hash out all her complicated plots completely by herself.  Victoria Grayson didn’t become an expert at deception without a message board or two.  And Nolan Ross needs help to stay up on all the latest fashion trends.

So take a break from all your revenge fantasies, and check out what the 1% search for in their downtime in Revenge Search History!

Revenge-Search-History-EmilyRevenge-Search-History-Charlotte Revenge-Search-History-Conrad Revenge-Search-History-Daniel Revenge-Search-History-David Revenge-Search-History-Jack Revenge-Search-History-Margaux Revenge-Search-History-Nolan Revenge-Search-History-Victoria

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