Reformed Whores Occupy Christmas

Santa, dear Santa
Sorry to bug you on this Holiday but
Santa, dear Santa
We’ve been good this year so please cut us a break.
The budget is a mess and congress is a joke,
so this year Santa you’re our only hope.
Stabilize the economy so we can have a Merry Christmas.
Oh Santa, dear Santa
We know you’re busy reading letters and stuffing your sack
but Santa, dear Santa
Quit making toys start making policy’s to get us on track.
Our bank account’s depleted though we’re middle class
’cause government’s intent on screwing us in the ass.
Stabilize the economy so we can have a Merry Christmas.
Your ability to execute a task efficiently’s out of sight. And with the help of flying Reindeer you can get it done in just one night!
Oh Santa dear Santa
Get rid of all the wasteful spending they can’t-a and
Stabilize the economy so we can have a Merry Christmas!


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About the author

The musical comedy duo Reformed Whores, fronted by Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, have been lassoing hearts throughout the New York comedy scene. These southern belles sing about everything from venereal diseases to drunk dialing with sweet harmonies and old-timey flare.

Reformed Whores have performed at festivals in New York, Chicago and Charleston. When they're not touring the country you can catch them all over the city at notable venues such as UCB, The PIT, and Caroline's.

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