Really Angry Birds

The Angry Birds phenomenon continues to sweep the globe, with new sequels, cartoon shorts on Nickelodeon, a feature film in production, and even a board game to whet the appetites of rabid bird-tossing fans intent on knocking those little piggies’ houses down!

With the feature film still several years away, creators Rovio Mobile have to keep interest in the game going.  Why not add a few guest stars?  And while the birds in the game certainly look unhappy, there are far angrier fowls out there…

The Crow

Angry Birds: Inner City Mayhem Edition – Who’s angrier than a young man, killed on the day before his wedding by a band of thuggish green pigs?  When a mystical crow resurrects him and sets him on a path of bloody vengeance, let all egg-stealers beware!

Donald Duck, Daffy Duck and Howard the Duck

Angry Birds: Quackpocalypse Now! Edition – Is there a more furious fowl than the duck?  When these three infamously irritated ducks are sent on a mission to find and eliminate Colonel Marlon Swine-do and his private pig army, Cambodia will never be the same!  Featuring guest level-boss: The Dark Overlord of the Universe!


Angry Birds: Cretaceous Edition – We’re taking it old school!  Regardless of what Jurassic Park would lead you to believe, raptors were close relatives of birds, complete with feathers and full wings.  So, when time-traveling green pigs raid their nest, it’s time for a pre-historic, entrail-rending butt-whuppin’!  

Iago the Parrot

Angry Birds: Arabian Nights Edition – Years of having to deal with Jafar’s moodiness have made Iago one surly parrot!  When a green street-urchin pig tries to disrupt the sorcerer’s plans to usurp the throne of Agrabah, he launches his screeching avian right into their Cave of Wonders!

The Birds

Angry Birds: Angry Birds Edition – If you want some angry birds, why not get some real angry birds?  When a community of green pigs moves to Bodega Bay, California, and encroach on a bird habitat, the (bird) poop hits the fan!  Foregoing the time-tested method of hurling themselves at the pigs and their homes until they topple and vanish, this time they just peck them all to death.  The end.


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