Quiz: What Kind of Cat Are You?

Your sport is…
a) Rugby.
b) Mountain Climbing.
c) Aerialist.
d) Tennis.

Your personality is…
a) Super laidback and chill.
b) Upbeat and go-getting.
c) Quirky and inquisitive.
d) Aloof and refined.

Your secret talent is…
a) You’re super smart.
b) You’re an escape artist: you can fit through any crevice.
c) You’re actually descended from a royal bloodline.
d) You’re truly diplomatic.

If you were a food, you’d be…
a) A giant, sweet slice of coconut pie.
b) A little lychee nut.
c) A warm peach.
d) A crème brulee.

Your fictional human counterpart is…
a) The kid from The Blind Side.
b) Sherlock Holmes.
c) Yul Brenner in the King and I.
d) Grace Kelly, in real life.

People don’t realize that…
a) You are worth a lot more than one might assume.
b) It’s not that you’re spaced out, you’re just taking it all in.
c) You are extremely intuitive.
d) You are quite affectionate in private moments.

If you got mostly “A,” you’re… a Mokave! 
This exotic, leopard-like housecat is trainable, of a sweet disposition, very loveable and actually enjoys swimming.  It’ll also cost you a cool 4 Gs to get your hands on one.

As a person, you’re the kind giant, imposing in stature, yet affable in demeanor.  Folks deem you a bruiser and are always surprised by your friendly attitude and intelligence, and by the fact that you’re totally loaded.  Wanna hang out?

If you got mostly “B,” you’re… a Singapura!
This short-haired, almond-eyed kitty is one of the smallest breeds of cat known.  They love warm places, are playful, curious to a fault, and like to perch up high to get a better view of things.

As a person, what you lack in height, you make up for with incredible energy and zest for exploration and discovery, which is appealing, but can also be annoying (quit rooting through your friend’s medicine cabinets!)

If you got mostly “C,” you’re… a Sphynx cat!
This hairless breed of kitty is known for its smooth, sun-sensitive skin and was described by the French as “part monkey, part dog, part child, and part cat”: they’re adaptive, social and great tumblers.  The breed was nearly extinct in the 1800s, and had to be carefully mated, so it’s sort of a big deal.

As a person, you’re pretty alternative in aesthetic, but still super extroverted and fun to be around.  Sure, you might have some allergies and a special skin-care regimen, but you make up for it by being a cool cat able to get along with all types.

If you got mostly “D,” you’re… a Tiffany cat!
As fancy as the jewelry store — and the Fancy Feast they eat — these kitties maintain their stature in their preference for solitude and independence. The aloof attitude with strangers makes them seem like very stately cats indeed, but they’re actually very sweet to their owners in private and adapt well to other pets.

As a person, you always dress just so, and carefully maintain a certain public image.  Let down your guard, crack out the ‘nip and let lose every once in a while… there’s a fun side to you not many of us get to see!


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