QUIZ: Should You Go to Comic-Con Next Year?

You’ve probably been reading all about Comic-Con and thinking “Cylon on a cracker! I wanna be a part of that.” But how can you be absolutely certain if Comic-Con is right for you?  

What is the sexiest costume you’d consider wearing?

a) Sexy Doctor Who
b) Slave Leia
c) Carrie Bradshaw
d) Katy Perry

Do you know who Nathan Fillion is?

a) I have dirty, hardcore porn-style sex dreams about Mal nightly.

b) Castle’s my favorite show, actually.
c) I loved him in The Birdcage!
d) Ugh! Was he in that weird western space thing?

Which movie do you enjoy most?

a) Metropolis
b) The Empire Strikes Back
c) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
d) That one with Jar Jar Binks.

Rank these in order of your favorite: Tribbles, Honeysuckle Scented Body Glitter, The Force, Doctor Who.

a) The Force, Doctor Who, Tribbles, Honeysuckle Scented Body Glitter
b) Doctor Who, The Force, Tribbles, Honeysuckle Scented Body Glitter
c) Tribbles, The Force, Doctor Who, Honeysuckle Scented Body Glitter
d) Honeysuckle Scented Body Glitter, Tribbles, Doctor Who, The Force

Wil Wheaton v. Joss Whedon?

b) There is no spoon.
c) Joss Whedon.
d) Ummm… Channing Tatum?

What goodies for purchase are you most excited about?

a) Signed comic books. I need MOAR comic books!
b) Just a few more Spock action figures and I can create the ultimate Vulcan diorama in my living room.   
c) Pixar SWAG. I desire a Merida keychain.
d) A Channing Tatum autographed Magic Mike poster!

Do you know who Adrianne Curry is?

a) I want to be in her WoW guild so badly!

b) Only when she’s dressed as Raptor Jesus.
c) I rooted for her on the first cycle of America’s Next Top Model
d) I miss My Fair Brady.

Do you know what a floppet is?
a) I have 50.
b) No, but now I want one.
c) No…
d) Is that what happens when a guy’s schlong goes soft too soon after sex. Like, I know dicks aren’t supposed to stay hard for like hours, but isn’t it weird when they just sorta flop around right after the job’s done?

What do you own that’s limited edition?

a) My vintage R2-D2 LEGO set from the ’80s. Don’t touch my LEGO ewoks!

b) I have limited edition Harry Potter wand I got that came with the BlueRay I bought a few years ago.
c) These jeans I’m wearing are vintage.
d) I have one of the first bottles of Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar. I pre-ordered it and everything.

What movie are you most excited about this summer?

a) The Dark Knight Rises
b) Spiderman
c) Rock of Ages
d) Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

If you answered…

Mostly As:
You live and breathe the stuff that Comic-Con is made of. You should probably just move to San Diego right now.

Mostly Bs:
Start planning this instant! You need to attend at least 2 days at Comic-Con.

Mostly Cs:
Save your money for a booze cruise to Cancun. You can watch Serenity on the plane to Mexico. Win-Win.

Mostly Ds:
Who knows? You might enjoy the Twilight panel.


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