Politicorns: Politicians as Unicorns!

As partisan politics divide our nation, we all hope for a future where our elected leaders can work in harmony for the betterment of all.  But, is such a thing even possible?  Can any group really put aside their differences and incredible levels of self-interest?  Of course, it’s possible.  Just look to the unicorns!  Even when gumdrop clouds roll in, our horned friends find the butterfly-lining and always do the right thing!  Imagine if our “honorable and noble” politicians were honorable and noble unicorns!








Photoshoppin’ by Erika Cervantes!


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Luis Navarro

Luis Navarro is a token man slave and writer for Comediva.  He is a proud Valley Boy ("Fer sure") and martial artist.  He earned a Master's Degree in Counseling and is an ordained online minister!  He also boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and post-1970s movie trivia.  He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit a fondness for unicorns.

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