Peter Dinklage Is the Sexiest Man Alive

Every year, People Magazine votes one man in the world as the “Sexiest Man Alive,” based on the rigorous scientific criteria of “was he in a movie the editors of People saw that year?”  Our pick?

Emmy-winning actor Peter Dinklage.


That’s right, Peter Dinklage, the versatile 4’5″ actor who has been in just about everything, from Narnia to Nip/Tuck.  Dinklage is the man we want to see gracing the cover of this year’s People as their number one Sexiest Man and here’s why:


5)  Peter Dinklage Is Seriously Sexy

Unless you have died inside, the moment you saw Dinklage’s picture in this article, your heart gave a flutter and your arms went out to embrace the computer screen as if you could take the man in your arms and hold him there forever.  Dinklage plays the sensitive, wounded type to perfection, whether he’s the romantic lead in films like The Station Agent, or the tragically misunderstood anti-hero from TV shows like Game of Thrones.  He’s dark and handsome, he’s got piercing blue eyes, he’s got a voice so deep James Earl Jones would weep, and he’s a vegetarian because he doesn’t want to hurt animals — are you convinced yet?

4)  Have You Seen Game of Thrones?

Have you?  Because you cannot tell me that you’ve watched Game of Thrones and still question our decision to declare the phenomenally talented and funny actor the Sexiest Man Alive.  Okay, so this isn’t really a cogent point as much as it is a plug for Dinklage’s Emmy-winning performance in the hit television series, so let me try again with number four.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

4, Part II)  Peter Dinklage Is Incredibly Talented

From The Knights of Badassdom to Death at a Funeral to Elf to 30 Rock, not only has Dinklage succeeded in one of the world’s most competitive industries, he has held onto his integrity by refusing to play the demeaning sidekicks that are usually the only roles actors with dwarfism are able to get.  Dinklage is a serious actor who has charted his own path in an appearance-obsessed field, and if he can win over the hearts of Hollywood insiders and the American movie-going public, he certainly can win Sexiest Man Alive.

Also, the man can act at you with his eyes.  His eyes.

3)  Peter Dinklage Knows How to Handle His “Sword”

Nudge nudge, wink wink, knowwhatimean?  Seriously, the man plays characters that fight with swords a lot, which means he is in crazy good physical shape (see above, re: Peter Dinklage Is Seriously Sexy).  Also, according to Peter Dinklage, his porn name would still be Peter Dinklage.  What else do I have to say to convince you?

2)  Peter Dinklage Was Almost the Sexiest Man Alive In 2003 and 2006

That’s right, the editors at People Magazine recognized Dinklage as one of the men who almost made the cut for the Sexiest Man that year — for two solid years.  Labeling him the “Indie Sensation” of the group in 2003 and “Sexy At Any Height” in 2006, People recognized the wit, charisma, and good looks of the actor more than once.  We love him, they love him — so what’s the hold up, People?

1)  Peter Dinklage Charms Us Just By Being Peter Dinklage

While past Sexiest Men Alive have ranged everywhere from handsome 30-something actors to handsome 30-something children of Presidents (seriously, John F. Kennedy Jr. was Sexiest in ’88), the big thing they all have in common is their charm, and no one charms like Dinklage.  He handles himself with grace and humility, speaking frankly about his work and his height while at the same time making us laugh about his experiences.  Peter Dinklage handles his life and career with boundless humor, and, as we all know here at Comediva, nothing is sexier than a man who can laugh at himself.


Source: Scott McDermott Photography


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  1. Matthew

    Well I’m a straight guy, so although I don’t fancy him and I love him as an actor and can see why women or gay blokes would fancy the pants off him. I’ve seen several women over the years with Dwarfism who I wouldn’t have hesitated to date if I was single. In fact my girlfriend is only 4′ 11″ anyway (not Dwarfism just *very* dainty), so she’s only 6.5 inches taller than PD. I think anyone who places such an importance on height is a loser, personally. PD is hot, talented, smart and sensitive… what woman wouldn’t want all that in a guy. So he’s short? So what?

  2. Ruth McArthur

    I utterly agree with you. Peter Dinklage is the sexiest man alive. He is the reason I watch Game of Thrones. He is an absolutely tremendous actor. I would like to see him play more romantic leads and, if I were an actress myself, I definitely would love to be his leading lady. Handsome, sexy, charming, and witty, he is Mr. Dream date himself. (Meaning no disrespect to his happy marriage.) People Magazine must acknowledge him as Sexiest Man Alive! Thank you.

  3. sally

    He is hot, smart and talented. What a package. I LOVED him in Game of Thrones which is just a fantastic series. Yummy man.

  4. Mila

    Seriously, that picture of Peter at the Emmy’s is HOT. There’s no doubt that he’s incredibly handsome and a very talented actor, and his vegetarianism/animal compassion is almost too sexy.

  5. Heather Clisby`

    OMG, you read my mind! I was talking with someone yesterday and we listed our celebrity crushes and Peter was in my Top 3. His very simple comment, “I don’t want to hurt animals and I don’t want anyone else doing it for me” is one of the reasons I became vegetarian.

    I don’t care how short he is, dude is seriously SEXY. Thanks for this post!

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