People of the Gym

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Personal Fitness Over Time


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Emily McGregor is the V.P. of Production at Comediva. Emily was that token girl in a vast sea of pimply-faced techno-geeks in her high school AV club.  Now, she develops content for the interwebs and directs webisodes and stuff.  (Psst... she directed The Divas and Guy Time)  She also made that thing you just read; that thing right above this thing you're reading now. She hopes you liked it. If not, don't leave a comment.  If you did, send her flowers and whiskey.

When not contributing to Comediva, Katie enjoys over-dosing on chocolate, reading everything from the Sunday funnies to 100 Years of Solitude, biking around town in her bright yellow safety vest so she isn’t hit by a crazy driver, and snuggling with her significant other, who’s surprisingly good at snuggling for a guy.

Comediva. Where the funny girls are.

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