Parents Are Liars

Remember back when you had a wild imagination that was somehow rooted in the literal?  That is to say, whenever some grown-up used some word you didn’t know, your brain immediately turned to the familiar yet altogether nonsensical to define it.  Here are a few sketches of those memories:

1.  Condom
condom_101811Child:  How come the girls in movies don’t have a baby when they do it?
Grown-up:  Um … well, it’s fake.  Or they use a condom.
Child:   What’s a condom?
Grown-up:  It’s … like a barrier … between the boy and the girl … that prevents them from getting pregnant.

2.  Family Planning

family_planningChild:  What do people do when they don’t wanna have a baby yet?
Grown-up:  Family planning.

3.  Evil Agenda

evil_agendaGrown-up:  That guy’s plan is evil.  He has an evil agenda.
Child:  …Woah.

4.  Flirting

flirtingChild:  What’s flirting?
Grown-up:  It’s when a guy and a chick like each other, so they send each other signals so the other person knows.

5.  Lesbians

lesbiansChild:  But what if a chick like-likes another chick?
Grown-up:  …Why?
Child:  …I dunno … just wondering…
Grown-up:  …Well, then they’re lesbians.

6.  Flamboyant

flamboyantGrown-up:  Man, that guy is a flamer.  So flamboyant.
Child:  …OH NO!

7.  Embarrassed

embarrassedChild:  What’s ’embarrassed’?
Grown-up:  When you’re caught with your pants down.  Get it?  ‘Bare’ and ‘a–‘

8.   Scientology

scientologyGrown-up:  Tom Cruise is a crazy Scientologist.  Did you see what he did on Oprah


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