The Neil Patrick Harris Guide to Margarita Benders

Neil Patrick Harris documented his Mexican Margarita Bender on Instagram, so we can all learn how to really bender with style.  Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a magical margarita bender, just like NPH.

Neil Patrick Harris

1.  Start at a Fancy Resort

This is the best place for a bender because it’s pretty, the drinks are probably decent, and people will assume you’re rich, and therefore can do no wrong.  You can basically make a drunken ass out of yourself with no repercussions.

Neil Patrick Harris

2.  Match Your Swim Trunks to the Furniture

This has nothing to do with benders, but is something NPH totally nailed, and you should too.

Neil Patrick Harris

3.  Make Friends with the Bartender

NPH appears to be behind the bar in this photo.  This means he made a friend: the most important friend you can have on a bender.  The bartender will make you better drinks and maybe even throw in some freebies.  Let your bartender be your co-pilot.

Neil Patrick Harris

4.  Be Loud and Confident

It is important to start raising your voice when you are midway through your bender.  If you don’t, people will forget you exist.

Neil Patrick Harris

5.  Steal a Stranger’s Hat

It’s always good to put on strange hats while bendering.  It is not only hilarious, but afterwards, you’ll have something that’s not yours to vomit into.

Neil Patrick Harris

6.  Stretch

Stretching is important, because if you just sit at the bar for 7-9 hours, you will get stiff.  You want a stiff drink, not a stiff body.

Neil Patrick Harris

7.  Swim

Swimming is always smart near the end of your bender.  See, the booze will make you sweaty and kind of gross-looking.  Just hop in the pool and let the magic of chlorine wash that all away.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.46.35 AM

8.  Blackout Before Nightfall

The genius of this is that he will probably be hungover around 1am, but then feel great the next day, and can then go back to drinking.  If you get drunk at night, you will waste the whole next day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 6.37.08 PM

9.  Salt your Damn Margarita

NPH might have every step of a bender down, but HE DIDN’T PUT SALT ON THE RIM!!  Seriously?  That is the best part of a margarita!  Without the salt, it’s just corn syrup, tequila, and some lime.  The salt makes it a drink.  I don’t care if you have high blood sugar, heart problems, or care about bloating.  You are on a bender.  If you are worried about those things, you shouldn’t be on a bender.



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