My Gimpy Life – Episode 1: “Accessible”

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MY GIMPY LIFE is an original comedy web series about the awkward adventures of a driven actress (TEAL SHERER), trying to navigate her way through Hollywood in a wheelchair.


“My Gimpy Life” Season One is sponsored by Dracogen (


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  1. Kris

    Love it! I’m partially handicapped myself, sometimes having to use a mobility scooter, so I can relate! Even if I couldn’t relate, I think this is pretty funny stuff! Sharing it with my friends!! 🙂

  2. Ben

    Being in a wheelchair myself, i can relate to the wheelchair rolling down the road. not as far as yrs did. love the show look forward to more

  3. Iri Gianthunter

    So funny! Great episode, looking forward to the others now…really loved the hope soap/alley bit, too funny. Thx for creating this…what should we call fans of the show? Gimpites? Tealists? People will be loving the show, there definitely needs to be a collective fan name. Sherer-ers? Wait, scratch that one.

  4. Melvin Jones

    So glad to see you will be in Seattle this weekend. I just moved to Tacoma from Germany like 4 weeks ago. Probly not important to you but I do remember you from rehab @ Shepherd.. Great to see a fellow Shepherdian doing amazing things. Hope I get a chance to talk to you. ~Melvin

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