Most Unfortunate Opening Night Hunger Games Costumes

The fangirls and fanboys came out in force at midnight on March 22nd for the first showings of The Hunger Games. We catalogued the worst, most outrageous fan costumes in attendance!

Loaf of Bread

A local bakery’s mascot wore his day job uniform, a “human baguette,” in order to express his loyalty to “Team Peeta.”

Permanent Marker Beards

Wearing Sharpied-on marker-beards, several teenagers attended the flick in the guise of Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane. The marker has yet to wash off.

Primrose Bush

One fan metaphorically embraced the character of Prim Everdeen by digging up and donning an actual Oenothera shrub.


One Hunger Games fangirl bought a realistic fox mask from to mimic the characteristics of the nameless District 5 tribute. Her liberal dousing of Deer Hunter’s Grade Red Fox Urine Masking Scent completed the illusion.


A clueless fanboy had no idea that his District 12 “coal” face paint would result in a violent, anti-racist backlash in the form of a popcorn and nacho cheese barrage.

Impaled Tribute



A Goth kid costumed as gory Zombie Rue made many tween girls cry.

Lenny Kravitz Circa 1998

One fanboy decided to embrace the actor behind Cinna. The Kravitz-wannabe hit on all the Katnisses at the opening show, seductively crooning, “Oh I want to get away, I want to fly away, my Mockingjaaayyy.”

Team Gale [Temporary] Tattoos

Scores of teenage girls wore fake “Team Gale” tattoos on their cheeks and arms.

Out-of-Place Potterhead



Some poor sap decked out in Hogwarts attire got the wrong memo. He was chased away by hecklers before he could say: “Ten points for Gryffindor!”

Drag Queen Stripper Mockingjay

Donned in thirteen feather boas and plenty of body glitter, an exotic dancer dressed in drag attended the premiere in a scandalous interpretation of a “Mockingjay.”

Team Gale [Actual] Tattoos

One cheerleading squad, collectively lacking better judgment, got matching “Team Gale” tramp stamps.

Really Drunk Guy

A soused frat boy named Mitch, who took the wrong turn to a party, accidentally found himself in line to buy midnight HG tickets. When his friends finally tracked him down, they shouted “Hey, Mitch…” Everyone else waiting for the movie thought his “Haymitch Abernathy costume” was stroke of genius.

Literally On Fire



One fangirl took the “Girl on Fire” thing a step too far and arrived at the cinema wearing a smoldering CarbonX fire-suit. Several people sitting near the conflagrant costume were arrested for creating a “clear and present danger” when they shouted “fire” in the crowded theater.

Out-of-Place Dr. Frank-N-Furter

An extreme Rocky Horror fan, in full Transylvanian dominatrix garb, had the wrong date written down and showed up to the theater expecting a sing-along Rocky show. However, he successfully managed to pass his costume off as the duds of an opulent Capitol citizen.

District 14



In an attempt to be ironic, one moviegoer wrote “DISTRICT 14 RULES!” on a t-shirt. He was glitterbombed by the Drag Queen Stripper Mockingjay.


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