Missed Connection (Ep 2): “Lint Collection”

Jamie embarrasses herself again, and is surprised by her grandmother, who shows her how expensive dating can be.

Synopsis:  MISSED CONNECTION follows Jamie Nichols, the awkward and slightly desperate girl you took to dinner and a movie, and then dumped on the front stoop of her Brooklyn apartment. She’d love to be in a normal romantic relationship, but as her best friend Bek says, “she’s a weirdo magnet.” When Thomas Riley, an equally awkward and strange guy moves in next door, she finds herself scared  of actually making a meaningful connection with another human being for the first time.


Jamie is smarter than the average bear, but not when it comes to love. She is cute, quirky, maybe a little oblivious sometimes, and above all, really, really lonely.

Thomas seems normal on the outside, but is hiding something very nerdy from the rest of the world. He is charmingly all-American and thoughtful, but a little nervous around most people.

Bek is the biggest goofball you’ve ever met. He works out of his home office, which doubles as his bathroom. He is sweet, a little judgmental, and fun to be around.



Freddi Scheib as Jamie Nichols

David Rysdahl as Thomas Riley

Bek Markas as Bek


Tim Kubart as Sime Viduka

Angela Pietropinto as Jacki Schklar

Jenny Donoghue as Amy Kirihara

Johnny McNulty as Brian Polk

David Bluvband as Doug Karr

Travis Bratten as Jared Scheib

Brendan Fitzgibbons as John Scott

Mara Wilson as Bitty

Dan Black as Max Ash

Evan Greenspoon as Townsend Moore

Morgan Evans as Dave Bunting

Mike Cheslik as Dave Bluvband

Ryann Weir as Mime#3, Counter Girl

Warren Bub as Peter Dean

Created & Written by Freddi Scheib

Mike Cheslik (Co-writer Episode 8)

Script Consultation by Johnny McNulty, Morgan Evans, Mike Cheslik

Directed by Morgan Evans

Produced by Freddi Scheib

Executive Producer: Sonia Bitton

Associate Producers: Antonietta Sculimbrene and Rafael Bluvband

Director of Photography – Joe Spit

Assistant Director – Mike Cheslik

Camera Operator – Peter Yelton

G&E – Jonny Annunziata, Peter Yelton

Production Design by Ryann Weir

Make up by Courtney Coleman

Sound Mixer – Bobb Barito

Boom Op – Max Ash

Editor – Freddi Scheib

Additional Editing by Mike Cheslik

Titles by Mike Cheslik

Sound Design by Bobb Barito

Music by Rocky Steen and Jukebox the Ghost (Courtesy of BMG Chrysalis)

Colorist – Brenna Perez

Additional Art by Andy Zou

Still Photography by Ryan Spears

Special Thanks to:

Andrew Pinzler

Joe Della Rossa

Jon Hefley

Julia Nathan

South Brooklyn Pizza



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