I really identify with mermaids. Like a mermaid, sometimes I lose the ability to walk on dry land, and there have been a few occasions on which I’ve forgotten how to breathe without liquid.

Then Betty takes the bottle away, but hey, I can relate.

So when I found the Mermates webseries, I was ready to watch. At first, I was a little confused. Am I sober, or does that mermaid not have fish legs? But I kept watching because I have really fond associations with the phrase “innie-outie.” Granted, those associations involve a truck stop bathroom, but still, it takes me back.

Still, fish legs or no, it’s a pretty funny series about one roommate who kind of weirds out the other. Not unlike me and my roommate (She makes her Hamburger Helper with water instead of PBR like a normal person. How gross is that?). Keep watching the series for a double-date we can all relate to (seriously, who hasn’t been there), and a description of the SCUBA, my new favorite sex act. After this, I just might be a clam diver.

Also, the William hates cats, and I can really get behind that.


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