Meme Romney

Do you know what Mitt Romney’s real name is? Probably not.

Don’t worry. According to a poll conducted by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes, a whopping 96% of Americans were unaware that Mitt is a nickname for Willard. While that’s a neato statistic, what’s truly ever-so-delightful is that two percent thought Mitt was short for “Mittens” and another two percent figured Mitt a substitute for “Gromit.” Naturally.

This made us wonder, what would a world with Mittens Romney, Gromit Romney, and other such Romney permutations look like? Would we be better off?

Would any of these Meme Romney’s have a better chance in the Presidential debates? 

Running on the Repuuuurrrrrblican ticket 

A claymation campaign

Politics are so dog-eat-dog

MemeRomneyMuttPaul Ryan, the voters, and Mitt

MemeRomneyKermitSpiking the tea party

Politics makes Mitt horny

Snackin’ on the campaign trail

Now you see Mitt…

When the Presidential race gets hairy

Zero percent Klingon approval 



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